Let’S Get To Know The Black Box In An Airplane

The first jet plane crash in the world in 1953 did not exist, and no one was left to tell it. Surveyed by a person who collected all his knowledge in 1956 with a plane crashed into a fatal aircraft, The code known as FDR (Flight Data Recorder) or CVR – Cock Pit Voice Recorder is almost complete, but we know the name … The “black box” is completed.

This is an orange colored pet, born with a black box, but it's not that bad, but there is no harm to the concrete wall loaded with an antenna. And even though it's a 100 degrees centigrade fireplace, it's 20000 feet deep in a seabed Even though there are a few, this black box cannot be turned off. The orange colored petticoat accident When it comes out, it's black, so everyone will say “black box.”

In the early days, the “black box” of the pilot's voice, the height, and velocity of the aircraft, the speed traveled, the direction of travel and the radio conversations were all recorded in the tape recordings, but now computer hard disks are used.

An airline fails to kill a large number of lives, and it does not mean that another air crash is an air accident. This “black box” plays a very good role in preventing another cause. If the “black box” was worked out three years ago, then academician David Warren, an Australian aeronautical researcher who has graduated from the Australian Sydney University,

He created it with the understanding that it was possible to find out what was happening on the flight that eventually led to an airline. In each of these “black boxes,” there is only a separate clause.

That is, “Flight Recorder; Do Not Open”.
Australian scholar David Warren, who was searched for the “black box,” left the last flight on July 19 (July 19, 2010) for 85 years, and one sentence was honored for his role in the buried box.

That is, Flight RecorderInventor: Do not Open.

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