Why Is My Leg Swollen For A Long Trip?

When you go home on a long trip,

you will see that some of your legs are too swollen when you arrive.

Sometimes you have the same experience. Many males, especially in the middle ages, face the problem.

Is this really a disease?

If the patient's legs are swollen within 6 to 8 hours, a further investigation will determine whether this is a DVT or a condition called deep vein thrombosis.

In our body, two types of blood vessels are important to the blood circulation.

One of these is that the other type of arterial blood is taken away from the heart by the return of the blood to the heart. Heart rhythm is the heartbeat, which causes rapid blood circulation in the arteries. This type of blood pressure is what we feel in the pulse.

But there is no fast blood transfusion on the return journey in the vein. As a rush, we are continuously blocking the blood circulation in our feet.

The result is the feet, especially the deep veins of the roe deer (Calf), in this way, blood-blocking blood clotting. In this vein, a blood clot is called DVT.

Symptoms of the disease include the pain, swelling, heat, slight redness, tingling of the surface of the area, etc. But it is important to note that about 50% of patients are not aware of this type of disease. Therefore, it is not enough to have the above symptoms to determine this condition.

Also, it is important to remember that these symptoms can be seen due to several other diseases. Especially when a germ has entered the area, it can be a cause of the disease, infections and muscles, and the swelling of the lymphatic system (cervix).

How is it dangerous to have a blood clot in a vein in this vein? The murmur is the return of blood to the heart. The blood is taken to allow the blood to pass through the lungs (for oxygen) to the lungs because of their dirty blood.

The problem is that the blood clot in the vein will escape and break into the heart if it breaks into the heart. Then the blood clotting into the heart is pumped to the lungs by the heart.

In this way, the pumped blood clot lungs block the main nerves if a small vein or a large vein is large. The result is a small part of the stomach, or if the blood clot is small, it is possible to block the circulation of a small part of the bloodstream.

This situation may be deadly. Lung function can be affected by a patient's death or an intensive care provider.

Traveling continuously for hours of travel, especially in the face of the risk of air travel, the body's disease and some medicines used by the patient are also affected.

Among them are obesity in fat, major underlying surgery, pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, some types of cancer disinfectants, chronic blood disorders, and risk factors.

It's important to make a shift, such as walking, standing, and posturing every 2 to 3 hours in a car.

However, it should be discussed with the doctor about this. Sometimes it is necessary to vaccinate the hospital as a therapy for hospital treatment and to dissolve the blood clot.

First of all, knowing such occasions is more important than pain. It will help protect you from pain. So do not forget to share these valuable things with your friends too.

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