Five Foods That Chill With Cholesterol

No matter how many, many do not take it for healthful, regular exercise, eating, eating, and eating things that are harmful to your body.

He keeps proud of what happens to another one.

Finally, it is difficult to go to a doctor and go to the home to find out about nutrition.

But by that time, the cholesterol has been gone.

It's not useful to be careful after the split. It is sad that very few people understand.

The inevitable result of cholesterol is to lay them on the blood vessels and shake it.

The blood vessels are the main mode of transportation that takes our everything for a while. Everything in the body, like nutrients, oxygen, and water, is distributed in blood.

But when they get cholesterol, it can not happen. So the heart pumps blood with excess pressure and then continues to keep on blood transfusion. This causes the heart to become exhausted and have a heart attack.

Those who did not pay attention will now look for ways to escape.

We are going to say that people like this can get rid of some of the foods that are being stored in their own blood vessels. If you eat them regularly, you have the opportunity to get rid of cholesterol-related diseases.

White onion

White onion is something we all want to eat. White onions are good for tasting the food, especially for roasted foods. Flavor, however, the quality of garlic is far ahead. A number of tests have proved that white garlic is the best way to lower cholesterol levels.

Therefore, add more and more white garlic. If you already have high cholesterol levels, check out 4 onions daily onions. It's better to eat, eat, and cook in hot water. And add white garlic to home-made foods. This can give you a remarkable quality.


The fish is a very good food. Though the protein content and the essential nutrients are as much as the meat contains, the fat is low and low in cholesterol. Most fatty acids in fish are the most important types of body fat like Omega 3.

These are beneficial to every heart attack. Medium-sized fish are usually better for the body (especially those of salmon), which is much better (1-3 feet), especially for the salmon. You can live for a long time if you cut your flesh and eat more fish. Life in Japan, which is one of the world's most poised fish, is a testament to this fact.


Pomegranate is a very nice and wonderful fruit. The amount of nutrients in the pomegranate is diluted to dissolve cholesterol in the body and to regulate blood flow.

Nitric oxide contributes to the production of blood in blood. Seal a pomegranate whenever you can.


Yellow is a very nutritious compound. The main nutrient, the curcumin polyphenol, has been able to reduce the amount of cholesterol in our body by 26%.

Hence, every heart disease is beneficial. You know that carcinoma can help prevent cancer. So remember that you put some more turmeric on some stew.

Olive oil

stevepb / Pixabay

Olive oil is an oily 3 fatty acid. In addition, monosaturated fat in olive oil is considered to be a favorable source of fat.

Therefore, when the olive oil is frequently taken to the diet, the meat and fatty fats can escape the disheartening effects of the body. Hence, directly and indirectly, the consumption of olive oil helps lower your cholesterol levels.

If you add these types of food regularly, you will lose cholesterol.

And even if you are now healthy, you can often take these foods out of an unnecessary illness. Later, doctors should be healthy now, rather than being rich, right now?

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In Sri Lanka, people are more likely to get infected with such diseases. So you too can contribute to the healthiest of our country. Our country wants our country to become a better country.

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