Even The Disruption Of Education Has Made Billions Of People

We work at school first, and we believe that we have a degree and a degree in employment. Someone's education breaks down because of economic hardships. Sometimes the actions of a student also have to be reverted to the school life. Is it really possible to disrupt school education at the end of a school vacation, or maybe even stop the rest of the future? The description of the 10 billionaires of the world will be presented with an exciting answer and a new message.

1. Bill Gates

He is a co-owner and billionaire of the well-known Microsoft firm. During school time, school education collapsed. But from the time he was a child, he was fond of computers, and he regularly studied the subject. Later, he was forced to leave Harvard University. After meeting with Steve Allen and Steve Baller, Microsoft came up with a later version of the Windows OS.

2. Larry Ellison

He is a billionaire in the world and the original owner of Oracle. Initially, after graduating from high school, the University of Illinois underwent studies, but the examination fails in the final year. It was because of his mother's death. He went to the University of Chicago for a year and then left for California. That is the first time he accepted a federal government's detainees project and successfully completed it in 10 years. After that, it was started by Oracle and became the world's leading international database of IT companies. His wealth was $ 43 billion in 2016, and he was ranked No. 2 among the world's richest in 2016.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

He is the youngest registered billionaire, as well as Facebook's owner. After finishing high school, he served as a Freelance IT related programmer. He was later studying at Harvard University and in the year 2002, the FaceBook. Since 2006, it has become the most popular social networking platform in Sri Lanka. Last year, his gross assets were $ 33.3 billion, and in 2017, he became the world's second-most wealthy person.

4. Shinden Adelson

He is a business hotel in Sri Lanka. Born to a common family, he first started publishing a Boston newspaper marketing business for the first 12 years with the help of his uncle. As a result, education stopped. From there on a long journey, he is now the director of Las Vegas Sundance. His gross assets were $ 25.8 billion in 2015.

5. Michael Dell

From a very early age, he was an intelligent child who had the objective of earning money. He possessed an inherent talent in the business. He moved to Texas for the first year and began his own business with computers. It is a well-known Dell Company. His gross assets were $ 19.4 billion in 2015.

6. Steve Jobs

He is the founder of Apple. From childhood, he was very fond of electrical appliances. After school, he received higher education from Reid and Oregon college. But the higher education did not stop at the time because the adopted parents could not afford to spend it. However, he started to work with a friend and began to work on his efforts. His total assets in 2016 were $ 8.3 billion.

7. Ralf Lorrain

He is the Governor of Ralph Lorrain and a renowned designer. His education also collapsed. After two years in the US Army, he also had the opportunity to design for Hollywood stars. Then he worked as a salesperson in several companies and started his own clothing agency. Today, Ralph Lauren is a well-known business. His total assets in 2016 were $ 7 billion.

8. Elisabeth Holmes

She is the world's most renowned businesswoman with the title “Deranoos”. It started in 2003 as a blood test institute. Through this agency, new blood devices have been introduced to the world. She also studied at Stanford University but left the Devronos Institute. The total assets of this gamekering business were the US $ 4.5 billion in 2016.

9. Jack Dosi

He is also the most powerful and technologically advanced in the world. She graduated from the University of Missouri in science and technology and later transferred to the University of New York. But he started Oklahoma, who interrupted his education because of some sort of thing. It has also begun a new communication system for the sending of emergency messages with vehicles and the Internet. It is considered a remarkable discovery. By 2015, his total assets were $ 2.3 billion.

10. Ted Turner

He is CNN's principal. He is widely regarded as the world's leading Mughal emperor. After his school education, he left the University of Brown. He later served at his father's post and started his own radio channel after a few years. It was named Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). Thereafter, the CNN channel that has been serving the world's 24-hour news was also launched.

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